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Your friendly ukulele music library

UkuleleLet me tell you why I love my ukulele: because we bonded years ago sharing good and bad memories and every time I play it we still have a great time together!

As far as I know, there’s no other ukulele library on the market recorded by a professional ukulele player on a top-notch instrument like the Kanile’a K-3 Tenor. And it’s too bad because ukulele music can be joyful, positive, uplifting and extremely versatile at the same time.

You can count on ukulelefreeagent.com to instantly “hire” these moments and bring the real sound of the “jumping flea” to your projects. I’ll be your free agent at your service, sir!

And also don’t forget about free lifetime updates. Once you purchase something, it’ll be automatically pushed into your purchase history, so you can download any pack update whenever you want. So any additions to the packs or minor improvements will always be there for you! It’s part of what I call the “happy deal”. You’ll get to know it better on the checkout page…

Pour some uke into your projects!

Takeaway UkeRecorded by the ukulele virtuoso Luca “Jontom” Tomassini, these loops can be simple or intricated, sometimes recorded at several dynamics – piano, mezzo forte, forte. Each pattern of the construction kits comes in every major and minor chord with one or few variations. You decide how to play your song, not only where to put the loops. This means endless ways to express your original idea in less than 5 minutes.

Simply drag’n'drop the loops in (any) DAW and grab that cup of coffee: you just made your life easier!

… they just don’t sound like loops!

Boom BoxLike I said, the ukulele can sound very emotional and deep. You don’t have many chances to hear it when it comes to cheap models. Every loop has the “human feel” bringing life to your tracks, from relaxing pieces to uplifting tunes. Use them for your upcoming commercial – did you notice the ukulele is all over?! – or in your next project. Whatever it is. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that fits nicely!